Welcome To FUJIYA

Fujiya-Kusobushi, a specialty store for bonito and kelp in Demachi, Kyoto, is a dried food store selling traditional “genuine domestic bonito”.
We offer a variety of products that meet various needs, such as genuine dry and rough knots made using traditional methods, and Satsuma terrain knots.
We also handle bonito cutters for cutting bonito at home.

What is bonito?

Boiled bonito, boiled, baked, dried, molded, and so on.

It has a unique umami taste and is used for cooking soup stock in Japan.

Using delicious dashi will further enhance the taste of the dish.

Please appreciate the best taste and flavor.

Offer delicious and good-looking items!


Some many bonito

There are lots of tangy tasting kelp

Many delicious bonito made with traditional Japanese recipes are available.

Firewood sharpener

There are lots of tangy tasting kelp

You can also purchase a sharpener that you can enjoy bonito at home.A DVD that explains how to maintain and how to use it is also included.


There are lots of tangy tasting kelp

Other than bonito, we handle various types of kelp.


Store name Fujiya-Kusobushi
Addresses 63 Masugata Street Teramachi Higashiiru Sanei,Kamigyo-ku,Kyoto
TEL 075-231-1283
FAX 075-231-1309
E-mail demachi@e-kanbutu.com
Operating Hours 10:00~18:00
Shop holidays Wednesday